Pavilion for All

Pavilion for All is a design competition for a landmark pavilion in one of Europe’s biggest regeneration projects, Brent Cross Town

About the competition

Pavilion for All seeks an outstanding net zero design for the sports and active play pavilion which will be built at the heart of Clitterhouse Playing Fields in north London. The playing fields, an area of green space the size of 22 football pitches, has never been developed before and is central to the vision for the £7 billion ‘park town’.

The two-stage competition, which will be covered extensively in the AJ in print and online, will begin with an open ideas contest. Pavilion for All is being run by the joint venture delivering Brent Cross Town, Argent Related and Barnet Council, in association with the AJ.

About the Pavilion

Brent Cross Town is being developed to prioritise health and wellbeing. The pavilion will be the social centre of the playing fields, providing a meeting point and contributing to an unrivalled multi-sports and active play provision. It will contain a café, changing rooms, flexible space, reception, storage and toilets.

Brent Cross Town has pledged to be a net-zero carbon town by 2030, so it’s crucial that the pavilion design demonstrates not only how it will engage everyone in the community but also the highest whole-life carbon and biodiversity credentials.

Who can enter?

The free-to-enter Pavilion for All competition is open to all UK-based qualified architects. Up-and-coming practices and teams able to demonstrate their strong commitment to whole-life carbon design and equality, diversity and inclusion are encouraged to apply.

Why enter?

* Receive coverage in the AJ in print and online at longlist and shortlist stages
* Gain invaluable experience presenting to a judging panel of prominent clients and experts
* Get noticed by one of the most forward-thinking and ambitious developers in the UK
* Receive a £3,000 (+VAT) honorarium for your time and effort if you are shortlisted
* Engage positively with solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in architecture and development today including whole-life carbon design and equality, diversity and inclusion
* Design a highly visible and highly sustainable sports pavilion at the heart of one of Europe’s largest regeneration projects.

How to enter

Click here to download the brief which explains more about the competition, its phases and how to enter. Entries are limited to a single A3 PDF page including a single sketch and a statement of no more than 300 words. The entry deadline is 16 November, 11:59pm. The deadline will not be extended.

Frequently asked questions

Are multi-disciplinary teams/consultants encouraged at this stage?
It is simply an architectural contest so the expectation is not that you enter with a whole delivery team. It is more for an architectural practice or a small group of architects who wish to team up but are not operating as a single practice. Also, there is no expectation to team up with landscape architects.

Would the pavilion be a permanent structure?

Is the payment desk for using the pavilion's facilities only?
This will be a reception desk for all sports facilities across the park. However, most bookings and interactions will be managed online.

Would the sports activities happen all year round or only during the warmer months?
All year round.

What would a maximum team size would be?
For teams of up to 16.

Would office space be required?
No, this is not part of the brief.

Do the public toilets servicing the whole park also service the cafe/restaurant and changing rooms/flexible space?
We would expect the architect to advise on the provision of toilet facilities for the park, café and changing facilities at the second stage of the competition.

Where would the parking space be for cars and deliveries? If there isn't one, does the proposal need to suggest a designated parking area in the playing field?
Provision for deliveries will be provided on site. The competition scheme should consider access to the building but not the location of car parking – this will be developed in coordination with the landscape architects.

Are architectural plans/sections required at this stage or will a sketch/image suffice?
Although a single sketch will suffice, further images are optional. However entries are limited to a single A3 PDF page.

Is a site plan with proposed building location a mandatory requirement at this stage?
Architects are encouraged to consider the optimal location for the pavilion, so this should be made clear in your entry.

Have the layout and facilities mix for Clitterhouse Playing Fields been established?
The proposed layout and facilities mix for the Clitterhouse Playing Fields is still to be developed. At this stage of the competition we are looking for a strong vision for an inclusive and sustainable pavilion rather than a detailed location plan. Further information on the site context, including opportunities and constraints, will be provided to the shortlisted teams for the second round. We expect the selected architect to develop the pavilion facilities with the project team and sporting partners, including Sport England, based on need as the playing fields design evolves.

Is there any information available on the planning history and masterplan context for the site?
In 2010 an outline planning permission for the entire masterplan area was granted to Hammerson and Standard Life Investments (planning application reference number: C/17599/08). Subsequent improvements to the masterplan have since been made and approved, including a reserved matters application for the playing fields in 2015, which included sports facilities, play areas, a pavilion, park facilities and recreation areas. Argent is now reviewing and updating the consented plans. Further information can be found here. The Clitterhouse Playing Fields consultation page presents the story so far and vision for Clitterhouse Playing Fields.

Are there any biodiversity and habitat surveys available?
Ecologists are currently undertaking surveys on site. Ecology surveys were undertaken as part of the previous planning application (ref: 15/00769/RMA) in 2015 and information can be found within the design development reports on the planning portal.

Is there any further visual material relating to the site available?
Yes, you can download images of the site and some drawings here.

If you have questions about the competition or need assistance, please email

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