Interface brings the Past Forward with carpet tile collection inspired by 50 years of iconic design

Interface, the global flooring solutions company and leader in sustainability, has unveiled its newest carpet tile collection, Past Forward, offering new modern classics inspired by decades of iconic design

Available globally, the collection celebrates 50 years of modular carpet tile innovation at Interface. It merges historic design motifs with bold patterns and palettes tailored to meet the demands of today's commercial spaces.

“The collection offers a peek into 50 years of carpet tile designs," says David Oakey, founder of David Oakey Designs and exclusive product designer for Interface. "The design process involved research and dialogues with pioneers in carpet tile manufacturing to capture the romance of historical designs.

"This culminated in a fusion of ideas, taking inspiration from Axminster and Wilton designs alongside hand-painted motifs, artfully reimagined with today's advanced tufting technology. The result is unmatched versatility, enabling the creation of uniquely expressive, serene, and stylish spaces."

Fifty years of iconic design, reimagined

With 14 products featuring a bold colour palette, Past Forward reinvigorates decades-old designs, blending retro charm with contemporary design sensibilities. The collection offers a range of dynamic carpet tile styles, including ornate rococo and renaissance visuals, retro patterns with scribbles and boxes, vintage-inspired patchwork styles, and traditional Turkish motifs. 

Designed to be an innovative area rug solution, Past Forward helps define areas for relaxing, productivity or collaborative work. The styles can help delineate room borders, support wayfinding or be featured in wall-to-wall installation for maximum impact.

The collection is an ideal accent for other Interface carpet tiles, nora® rubber, and LVT styles, enabling designers to create beautifully balanced spaces.

Patterns of the past, constructed for the future

The Past Forward collection bridges design heritage with modern ingenuity and echoes Interface's commitment to creating a more sustainable future. By using processes and materials that deliver a low carbon footprint, the collection aligns with Interface's goal to reduce emissions while helping customers lower the carbon footprint of their spaces.

Past Forward is made from 100% recycled content nylon. Depending on the style and backing, the carbon footprint of the carpet tiles is 3.43 to 4.89 kg CO2e/m2.

Like all Interface flooring, Past Forward is carbon neutral throughout its life cycle as part of the third-party verified Carbon Neutral Floors™ program.

To learn more about the collection, visit http://www.interface.com/pastforward

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